Surgical Instrument Solutions

Common models

repaired include:

  • Dyonics 2.7mm, 1.9mm
  • Karl Storz Hopkins II,   27005BA
  • Arthrex
  • MicroAire - 81023, 81025
  • Olympus EndoEYE, WA02946A 
  • Stryker - 502-729-030           502-704-030, 502-555-030,      502-477-031Wolf - 8703,    8712, 8912, 8974, 8880

Extensive manufacturer experience and strict adherence to each endoscopes component specifications provides your facility with the quality service you demand and savings for your repair budget.  From minor repairs to extensive rebuilds our trained technicians follow original equipment specifications for each repair including laser welding, sapphire lenses, matching objective and lens systems.

Rigid Scope Repairs include:

Karl Storz,  Stryker,  Olympus,  ACMI/Circon,
Wolf,  Dyonics/Smith&Nephew,  Linvatec

Rigid & Semi-Rigid Endoscope Repair

Rigid and Semi-Rigid Endoscope repairs for all makes and models are provided including:

    • Free repair evaluations 
    • Complete rebuild as needed 
           • New fiber bundles
           • New stainless steel tubing
    • Objective lens replacement
    • Rod lens replacement 
    • Straighten tubing 
    • Clean, reseal lens system, polish fibers 
    • 1 Year parts & labor warranty 
    • 3-5 Day average repair time

We also repair, buy and sell most EndoEYE, Carpal Tunnel, Offset, and specialty scopes.
Loaners available – arrive next business day