Surgical Instrument Solutions

Advanced Exchanges and Loaners Available

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Advanced Surgical refurbishes virtually all probes / transducers utilizing replacement parts and processes that strictly adhere to original equipment (OEM) specifications. 

Probes deemed non-repairable or unfit for exchange by the manufacturer can typically be repaired by Advanced Surgical. 

• Transducer lens replacement
• Strain relief recasting
• Cable Jack repair
• Probe casing repair
• Bending rubber replacement
• Connector repair
• Full cosmetic replacement
• Insertion tube repair/ recoat
• Motor control repair

Transducer / Ultrasound Probe Repair

• Cardiac / Including Transesophageal
• Surgical / including Laparoscopic probes
• Vascular
• Urology

Common models repaired include:

Repair Services:

Manufacturers Supported Include:

Surgical Departments Supported: